Turf Triple Boost Liquid Fertiliser

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Turf Triple Boost Lawn Fertiliser Concentrate

1. Supports Hard Wearing, Bounce Back Turf
Turf Triple Boost Lawn Fertiliser Helps to strengthen turf cell walls. Strong cell walls play a key roll in resisting insect and fungal attack.

2. Contains Nourishing Organic Compounds
Conventional NPK liquid fertiliser is blended with organic compounds extracted from humates, fish, and earthworm exudates to give you a product that greatly nourishes your lawn, coupled with minimal leaching and excellent up take. The organic compounds buffer the NPK and support soil fertility, while a range of natural mineral & trace elements deliver complete nutrition.

3. Eco-Friendly
Turf Triple Boost Liquid Fertiliser is an excellent eco-friendly liquid fertiliser that improves growth, strength and appearance of turf.

4. Versatile Liquid Fertiliser
Turf Triple Boost Fertiliser is great for use in domestic and commercial situations and is ideal for home lawns, sports fields, turf farms, golf courses, bowling greens and parks.

Visit our Turf & Lawn Fertiliser Program for help growing healthy luscious turf.

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