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An Australian First: Tekko Pro Dual Insect Growth Regulator Cockroach and Flea Spray

Control Fleas & Cockroaches with New Tekko Pro IGR for superior long-term Flea and Cockroach Control. Tekko Pro takes DIY pest control to the next level by combining two types of IGR in the one product, giving up to 7 months protection against fleas and cockroaches.

Tekko Pro IGR Flea and Cockroach Spray

Tekko Pro utilises two Insect growth regulators (IGRs) with complimentary modes of action. IGRs have played an important role in pest control for many years due to great efficacy and very low toxicity. The first type of IGR is the Juvenile Hormone Analogue, which prevents insect larvae from developing into adults. The second type is the Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor, which prevents or reduces the production of chitin in insect larvae, causing them to moult with an incomplete exoskeleton and die. Tekko Pro contains Pyriproxyfen, the Juvenile Hormone Analogue; and the new active Novaluron, which is a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. 

Combining the two active ingredients means that Tekko Pro is the right choice for control of developing insects no matter the situation. This combination of actives creates a synergistic effect which results in early nymph control and death. 

Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator is registered for use against immature cockroaches and flea larvae. While Tekko Pro can be used as a stand-alone spray application it may be used as a tank-mix with a knockdown insecticide such as Coopex Residual Insecticide for Indoor use and outside with Killzone Termiticide and Insecticide

Cockroach and Flea Treatment for Houses- Inside and Out

Tekko Pro can be used in a range of situations including to treat fleas in carpet, on furniture, kennels and soil and cockroach infestations indoors and outdoors. To control fleas apply Tekko Pro to all areas where fleas breed such as carpet, rugs, pet bedding and the gaps between wooden floorboards where flea larvae may harbour. Outdoors, apply to areas where pets rest including the soil. For cockroach control apply to cracks and crevices of kitchens, laundries and other wet area. Outdoors, Tekko Pro can be used for perimeter treatments of houses, when mixed with a knockdown such as Killzone.

Why Use Tekko Pro IGR for Flea and Cockroach Control?

  • Low toxicity – insect specific treatment
  • Excellent safety profile
  • Targets developing insects, preventing them reaching adulthood
  • Different chemical group to knockdown or residual sprays, helping reduce resistance risk 
  • Dual active ingredients to target fleas and cockroaches at their most vulnerable stages 
  • Long-term cockroach and flea control
  • Boost longevity and results of residual sprays by pairing with Tekko Pro 

For Help with treating cockroaches visit UDOOs cockroach treatment guide.

For Help with treating fleas visit UDOOs flea treatment guide.

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