Organic gardening is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and for good reason. Not only is it better for the environment, but it can also lead to healthier and more productive plants. One of the key components of organic gardening is the use of organic fertilisers and organic based fertilisers. In this blog post, we will […]

eco friendly garden

Understand that the soil is a living thing and once you have achieved a soil active in microbial and earthworm activity you can virtually grow any plant suited to that area. Plants generally like water and nutrient passing their roots so ensure you soil is well drained. If hard clay type soil then use a

healthy lawn

It is important to understand that the soil is a living thing and to have a healthy green lawn, you should work with nature to achieve a luscious and healthy lawn. A healthy lawn can out-compete most weeds, survive most insect attacks, and fend off most diseases before the problems get out of hand. For

Elemental deficiencies in plants are common but are hard to diagnose without a leaf tissue analysis. Common symptoms may occur when one or a multitude of elements are deficient. Some common signs include: Deficiency & Example Products Symptoms Boron (B) Boron deficiency is a common disorder affecting plants growing in deficient soils and is often

Turf Triple Boost Liquid Fertiliser

1. Supports Hard Wearing, Bounce Back Turf Turf Triple Boost Lawn Fertiliser Helps to strengthen turf cell walls. Strong cell walls play a key roll in resisting insect and fungal attack. 2. Contains Nourishing Organic CompoundsConventional NPK liquid fertiliser is blended with organic compounds extracted from humates, fish, and earthworm exudates to give you a

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