Catsear Treatment Guide

About Catsear 

Catsear, also known as flatweed and false dandelion, is a low-lying perennial weed often found in lawns, pastures, and nature strips. The weed can tolerate drought and low nutrient soils well, if catsear is overtaking lawn this often indicates poor soil health.

Identifying Catsear

Often mistaken for true dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) due to its remarkably similar appearance. Catsear forms as a flat basal rosette with rough leaves covered in stiff hairs. It has leafless flower stems with up to 7 bright yellow flowers on each branched stem. Catsear can be distinguished from Dandelion due to its rough, hairy leaves and multi branched stems with several flowers whereas dandelions have unbranched, hollow flower stems with a single flower.

catsear weed vegetative stage catsear flower

How to Kill Catsear

Selective Herbicide

To treat 200m2 of turf, mix 130mL of Cutlass M Herbicide into 5-8L of water apply to actively growing weeds and moist soil.

Treatment Tips

    • Do not mow turf for two days before or after application
    • Only spray actively growing weeds
    • Ensure all weeds are thoroughly wet from application
    • Avoid fertilising within two weeks of spraying
    • Do not re-apply to Buffalo Grass within 12 months

Always read product label prior to use.
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