Creeping Oxalis Treatment Guide

About Creeping Oxalis 

Creeping Oxalis (Oxalis corniculata) is an invasive perennial weed prevalent in gardens and turf across Australia. Creeping Oxalis a low lying, creeping weed that can spread rapidly using its root system making it difficult to control. Creeping Oxalis spreads through its root system as well as from seeds produced by the weed, because of this it can quickly infest lawns and garden beds.

Why is Creeping Oxalis a problem?

Creeping oxalis is extremely competitive and highly invasive. It forms a dense ground cover that can prevent anything growing underneath it, allowing creeping oxalis to quickly overtake and kill out your lawn.

Identifying Creeping Oxalis

Creeping oxalis leaves are trifoliate with heart shaped leaflets that are light green in colour and are similar in appearance to clover. In Spring and Summer creeping oxalis flowers, however the weed can flower most of the year depending on weather conditions. The bright yellow flowers are small and simple in structure with 5 petals.

Creeping Oxalis Weed

How to Kill Creeping Oxalis

Physical Removal

For small infestations, creeping oxalis can be removed by hand using a trowel or shovel. It is important to ensure the root system has been completely dug out as missing the root system will prevent eradication of the weed.

Selective Herbicide

To treat 200m2 of turf, mix 130mL of Cutlass M Herbicide into 5-8L of water apply to actively growing weeds and moist soil.

Treatment Tips

    • Do not mow turf for two days before or after application
    • Only spray actively growing weeds
    • Ensure all weeds are thoroughly wet from application
    • Avoid fertilising within two weeks of spraying
    • Do not re-apply to Buffalo Grass within 12 months


Always read product label prior to use.
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