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Get Rid of Rats and Mice In Your Home this Winter

As the cooler months approach, it is likely you have began to notice an increase in rodent activity as rats and mice venture indoors looking for warmer places to live. Rodents are not only an unwanted guest because of their unhygienic ways, dropping faeces and urinating within the home but they can also spread disease and cause significant damage to our homes and work places through gnawing on cable, electrical cords, furniture and almost anything they can find! Follow these simple tips to get rid of rats and mice this winter.

Preparation is Key

The best way to get rid of rats and mice in the home is to stop them from getting in. Coming into the cooler months it is important to prepare your home for the influx of rodents that will be trying to get into it. Ensure holes in floors, walls and roofs are sealed. Clean up any animal food lying around and secure pet food so it is unable to be accessed by rodents. Remove rubbish from around the house particularly in the backyard, repair leaking pipes and remove anything that can hold water. Vegetation overhanging homes and structures should be cut back and long grass around buildings slashed. Beginning perimeter baiting (baiting outside of the home, sheds, structures and storage areas) at the beginning of the colder months, prior to noticing a rodent infestation, is the best way to prevent rodents appearing within the home. Ratshot Locked Bait Stations are a reliable way to secure bait and protect your children, pets and livestock while perimeter baiting as they are securable and lockable. Simply secure the bait stations at intervals of 3m-9m around your house, shed or structure and place chosen bait inside.

Early Detection using Rat and Mouse Traps

Rat Traps and Mouse Traps are a good indicator of rodent activity and often aid in early detection. Victor Rat Trap and Mouse Traps are reusable, cost effective and a poison free way to control rat and mice numbers. Traps can also be used to remove stubborn Alpha rats who will sometimes avoid bait.

Choosing the Right Rat and Mouse Bait

Ratshot Blue Rat Bait in Block, Paste and Grain Bait are always recommended for everyday baiting as well as baiting in sensitive areas due to its targeted effect on rats and mice and reduced risk to non-targets. However, during the colder months where populations will be at a high, Ratshot Red Block, Paste, Pellet. Rotation between bait actives is an important practice to prevent resistance and to guarantee targeted control is achieved.

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