Big Smoke OPP Smoke Generator Hospital Grade Household Disinfectant

Kill viruses and germs with Big Smoke OPP Household Disinfectant Smoke Generator

Kill viruses and germs with Big Smoke OPP Hospital Grade Household Disinfectant

Big Smoke OPP household disinfectant uses the active ingredient Ortho-phenylphenol to effectively kill bacteria, mould, virus and yeast including E.coli, Avian Influenza, Norovirus, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus. As the hospital grade disinfectant smoke disperses throughout the treatment area the active ingredient comes into contact with all surfaces in the room. The smoke disinfects both surfaces and airborne and hidden contamination sources, preventing re-contamination even in most difficult to reach places.

Big Smoke OPP Disinfectant Smoke Generator is a hospital grade disinfectant with proven 99.9% efficacy and can be used in a variety of places including homes, commercial and industrial premises, hospitals, hotels, schools, gyms, poultry sheds, animal breeding facilities, kennels, meat production, milk production, food production, food and fruit storage, Silo’s and many more!

Because of the unique dispersion method Big Smoke OPP Disinfectant Smoke Generator allows disinfection of surfaces without any corrosion risk. Big Smoke OPP household disinfectant is safe for operators with limited exposure and is quick and easy to use in 30gm and 200gm pre-dosed tins with uniform dispersion.

Generators are available in two tin sizes to cater for different treatment areas: 30gm generator treats 30-60m3 and 200gm smoke generator treats 200-400m3.

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