Lawn Grub Treatment Guide

About Lawn Grubs

While known as Lawn Grubs, Lawn Grubs can also be refer to as Army Worms. The Army Worm looks similar to a caterpillar with 3 pale stripes running down its back and sides, It has no fur and mature grubs are 30 to 40mm long, and will grow into a moth. 

Lawn grubs are usually more active in the warmer months over spring and summer.

Why are Lawn Grubs a problem?

The Army Worm feeds on the leaves of your grass and damage is often seen as a line of dying grass. Often starting closest to the house near lights, which attract the adult moth. They can also feed on the roots of your and this will result in brown patches.

This guide will show you how to kill Lawn Grubs in your lawn

Inspecting for Lawn Grubs

  • An early indication that you may have a lawn grub problem is an increase in bird acitivty on your lawn. This is due to the birds consuming the Lawn Grubs.

  • If you can pull sod away from the ground, the root system may have been eaten by grubs. Cut into the soil and look for their presence. More than 100 grubs per square metre would mean you have a well-established population and quite a problem.  Grub damage can also appear as small irregular patches of lawn appearing brown and dry. 

  • Another way to check for grubs is to use a hessian bag or piece of old carpet and lay it on the grass in the late afternoon. Wet the bag or carpet thoroughly and leave overnight. The following morning the lawn grub will have been drawn to the surface.

Pre-Treatment Measures

  • Check your house eaves and fences for moths nests, if you find any of the white fluffy cocoon like nests hose and broom off.   This will help prevent laying of the larvae and possible infestation

  • Keep your lawn mowed and groomed 

  • After mowing, water your grass as this will encourage the grubs to move from the area

  • Maintaining a healthy lawn by implementing a fertiliser program such as our Turf & Lawn Program will help your lawn resist attack

How to Kill Lawn Grubs

Mix Webzone Termiticide & Insecticide in water and apply evenly over the area to be treated using spray equipment. Apply at a rate of 12mL Webzone into 2L of water per 100m2. It is best to apply the solution after mowing to minimise loss of insecticide in clippings. Do Not apply to soils if excessively wet or immediately after

heavy rain. To ensure optimum control, after application, wet the treated area with up to 4 mm of water soon after application. Inspect treated areas for continuing activity, if activity continues re-apply as required.

How to Kill Lawn Grubs- Watch Now!

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