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Aphid Spray FAQ

The answer is simple, use one of UDOO's trusted aphid spray products. Aphid spray is a low-toxicity insecticidal spray. The aphid spray is proven to kill aphids without causing devastating harm to plants. If assistance is required on finding the correct aphid spray please use UDOOs ask an expert.
Aphids are small sap-sucking insects and members of the superfamily Aphidoidea. Aphids are recognised as one of the most destructive insect pests on cultivated plants. Aphids will feed on soft stems, branches, buds and fruit. Aphids will suck nutrient-rich sap directly from plants, fruit and flowers. Aphids are commonly found in large groups which is why they cause damage to plants so quickly. Aphids can reproduce multiple generations within 12 months which can create a serious problem in controlling the infestation if not done quickly. An effective aphid spray is strongly recommended to control this.
Did you know ants will protect aphids from predators. Following a herd of ants feeding on the honeydew is a great way to locate aphids. If you require advice on aphid spray please ask an expert at UDOO.
Look out for natural predators such as ladybirds and parasitic wasps. The tiny wasp lays eggs inside the aphid giving it a hard light brown shell like appearance. The ladybird larvae which looks like tiny bird droppings are actually voracious eaters of aphids. Both of these predators will reduce aphid numbers rapidly once they arrive.
When choosing an aphid spray it's best to take into account which plants and/or vegetation are being affected. Aphids typically target fruit trees, roses, camellias, chrysanthemums, ornamentals and vegetables. Aphid sprays will come in many shapes and sizes including systematic sprays and are safe for most plants and vegetables. Pyrethrum sprays are safe for use on most flowers and vegetation and is a great ingredient in most aphid sprays. To learn more about aphid sprays and picking the right aphid spray for you, please get in touch with a UDOO expert.
When the warm weather begins to arrive it is advised to check plants and vegetables a couple of times a week. This will provide the opportunity to get on top of an aphid infestation should it arise. Keeping an aphid spray on hand so that aphids can be controlled when populations are relatively small is also key. There are more than 4,000 species of aphids and colour varies, however identifying aphids is fairly simple as most aphids will congregate together on leafy greens with a clear yellow body. Find the aphid spray you are looking for today on UDOO.

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