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Cockroach Bait FAQs

Signs of a cockroach infestation are actually quite easy to notice. Cockroach bait is necessary if you can identify the following evidence:
1. Cockroach droppings 2. The odour caused by cockroach droppings 3. Smear marks 4. Cockroaches have shed their skin 5. Cockroach eggs 6. Damaged food packaging caused by cockroaches 7. Sightings of multiple cockroaches in different rooms of the location 8. Dead cockroaches
Cockroach baiting and treatments include a broad range of insecticidal sprays, powders and baits. Cockroach baits are a recommended solutions due to their effectiveness and ease of use. Some cockroach bait options are also child and pet proof and come in no mess gels. The active ingredient 'fipronil' is a fantastic killer of cockroaches and cockroach baits provide a highly palatable release of the insecticide. There are a multitude of options when it comes to cockroach bait and it is recommended to consult a UDOO expert if you need help choosing.
The main challenge home owners find when dealing with a cockroach infestation is finding the main gathering location of the cockroaches. Cockroaches are very good hiders and can remain well hidden a majority of the time. Cockroach baits are designed to use natural cockroach behaviour to overcome these challenges.
Cockroach bait contains a food that is very attractive to cockroaches which is combined with an insecticide that kills the cockroach. The cockroach bait can be found easily by cockroaches and is not fast acting. Cockroach bait typically takes several hours for the toxicity within the cockroach bait to become evident which is why the bait works so well. Cockroach bait, once consumed, causes a cockroach to vomit before it dies and so the cockroaches residing in the main gathering location eat the vomit and pass the insecticide on.

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