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Insect thermal Foggers for sale. Quality, compact and easy to use thermal foggers for use with pesticides, virucides and disinfectants. Free Delivery Australia wide. Ask an expert for advice where required.

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FAQ Mosquito & Insect Foggers

Mosquito and insect foggers are devices used to temporarily clear areas of mosquitos and annoying bugs. There are thermal foggers and cold foggers. Both types of insect foggers are used to control midge and mosquito populations and there are multiple advantages and disadvantages for both. The operations of mosquito & insect foggers also vary significantly so choosing the right fogger for a given situation is important.
Thermal foggers provide the benefits of affordability and are great for treatment of large spaces and produce a thick smoke that easily allows you to see the area that has been treated. Thermal foggers can also be used with disinfectants and virucides to treat bacteria, mould and virus. When in operation, the mist which is generated by cold foggers tends to be close to invisible. The visibility of the fog can make it difficult to control and accidentally inhale which is why a mask is highly recommended.
Thermal insect foggers are suitable for use in outdoor and indoor locations where space allows. Thermal foggers produce ultra fine droplets of insecticide/ virucide/ disinfectant and emit it into the air by way of a fog. When used correctly while carefully following instructions, the thermal fogger is very beneficial. A good rule of thumb is to use thermal foggers in the outdoors and in indoor areas with sufficient space to ensure safe use. Types of Thermal Foggers Electric Foggers: Electric foggers run on electricity which means they must be plugged in to an electric outlet to operate. The advantage of an electric fogger is the ability to function without a propellant. Gas Foggers: Gas foggers will often be powered by butane. The advantage of thermal foggers is how portable and easy to use they are.
Mosquito foggers are a temporary but highly effective option for insect control. Ideally customers will use an insect fogger to clear the bugs around an outdoor gathering area or camp site. Tips for use of an insect fogger include areas under trees or near water standing areas, typically where mosquitoes may reside. Avoid using the insect fogger around beneficial insects such as bees as the insecticide is fatal to these insects.
Cold mosquito foggers function without a heating assembly so the heat generated from the equipment isn’t such a hazard. Cold insect foggers utilise air pressure to convert the fogging solution into very fine droplets and can operate in just a few minutes.

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