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Lawn Grub Killer FAQ

Treating lawns in late spring through to early autumn is the most common suggestion. However Lawn grubs should be treated with lawn grub killer as soon as activity in the lawn is noticed. This ensures damage to grass caused by the lawn grub is greatly limited. It is best to apply lawn grub killer in the evening when lawn grubs are active.
The most effective lawn grub killer treatment for an infestation is a chemical approach. Bifenthrin is renowned for its effective abilities in killing lawn grubs and is available in multiple formulations. Bifenthrin can be found in liquid concentrate for spraying and in granules in a lower concetration which are dispersed over the lawn and watered in.
When applying lawn grub killer in granular form it is best applied using a broadcast spreader set to the correct setting. To apply liquid concentrate, mix the lawn grub killer concentrate and water into a sprayer and spray on to lawn. Always remember to follow label instructions.
1. INCREASED MOTH ACTIVITY The presence of small moths hovering above the lawn during the early evening is a strong sign of lawn grubs. These pests will target the healthiest lawns and lay their eggs. These eggs will become caterpillars within 2 to 5 days and will spend the next 3 - 4 weeks feasting on the lawn. This is an ideal time to use lawn grub killer.
2. INCREASED BIRD ACTIVITY Lawn grubs are a nutritious meal for many birds. Noticing the increased presence of bird activity on the lawn during the evening (when the nocturnal grubs are emerging) or the early morning is typically a sign of lawn grubs which is a suggestion lawn grub killer is required.
3. BROWN PATCHES An infestation of lawn grubs will cause brown patches within the lawn as they feed as small grubs.
There is a short life cycle of lawn grubs so it's important to apply lawn grub killer as soon as possible.
Most lawn grub killers typically work the same with slight differences in application. The instructions may require someone to mix with water and spray or disperse the grains across the law. To ensure the lawn grub killer treatment soaks deep into the soil and reaches the grubs feeding on the roots it is recommended to water the lawn after application.
A second application 2 weeks after the initial treatment is recommended. This ensures the grubs are eradicated.

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