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Rat & Mice Traps FAQ

A mouse trap is always the quickest and most simple way to catch mice. Mouse traps are easy to use and don't require any advanced construction or instructions. The modern day mouse trap has advanced technology with the option of a humane mouse trap or a mouse trap that will guarantee the mouse is killed. To get more information on finding, containing and eradicating a mouse problem please use UDOO's ask an expert.
The location of a rat trap is important. Rats will generally sniff out the bait wherever it lies but to guarantee a catch there are recommendations on rat trap positioning. It is suggested to place the rat trap perpendicular to the wall, near signs of rodent activity. Some rats are quite sceptical so leave the rat trap out a few days without the snap set so the rats become familiar with it.
Humane mouse traps incorporate a quick kill or an enclosure system to either humanely kill the mouse or catch the mouse. The pros of a humane mouse trap is the fact it either preserves the safety of the mouse however it is strongly advised the mouse is let go far from residential homes or humanely kills them.
A common issue is a single trap not eradicating the volume of rats present in a household or location. It is recommended to set out more than 1 trap in multiple entry points to catch multiple rats at once. Rodents will constantly travel the same route. This route is typically along the base of a wall. Ensure traps are placed in the rats pathways and place 2 traps back to back.

Keep pets away from active traps as the traps can cause excruciating pain should a pet cause an accident. Pets can also remove the bait leaving a trap useless. A great way to keep pets away from rat traps is to place the mouse trap inside a small cardboard box or something similar that has enough room for a rat to fit inside. Then cut 2 entry points giving multiple access points for the rat to enter. Ensure the box is stuck to the floor and cant be removed by the pet. That Ratshot bait station is a fantastic tool for protecting rat and mice traps. It is a lockable system which is child and pet proof.

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