Orgasmix Lawn Envy & Easy Hose Fertiliser Dispenser Bundle

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Introducing the ultimate gardening bundle that Saves TIME & MONEY – the Easy Hose Hose On Fertiliser Sprayer  paired with our premium Orgasmix Lawn Envy fertiliser!

The Easy Hose Hose On Fertiliser Sprayer is a versatile and efficient gardening companion that will revolutionise the way you care for your plants. Effortlessly apply fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides with its user-friendly features. Simply connect it to your hose and spray your favourite liquid fertilisers. With this innovative design, you’ll ensure healthy and vibrant plant growth with minimal effort.

Now, combine this amazing sprayer with our Lawn Envy fertiliser – a divine mix of 16N:2P:5K + Trace Elements, enriched with premium organic biological inputs such as blood and bone, USA premium humates, seaweed, and fish emulsion. This powerful blend is specially designed to deliver a luxurious lawn and turf suitable for Aussie conditions.

Lawn Envy works rapidly to enrich the soil, improving root and lawn health. It boosts disease and stress resistance, while also buffering salts and expanding micronutrient availability. Say goodbye to water runoff as it bolsters soil aeration and water penetration. Whether you have established lawns, damaged turf, or are in the process of turf and lawn establishment, this Aussie Made fertiliser is perfect for all scenarios.

Not only does Lawn Envy deliver essential nutrients, but it’s also environmentally friendly with a mix of organic inputs, including seaweed, fish, blood, and bone. So, turn your neighbours green with envy as you showcase the best-looking turf in the street – whether it’s on parks, golf courses, or right at your home. With this winning combination of the Easy Hose Hose On Fertiliser Sprayer and Lawn Envy, achieving a vibrant and healthy garden has never been easier!

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