Refund and Return Policy

  1. Purchase of Product
    1.1. A product may be ordered by selecting the Product and completing the checkout
    process in accordance with these Terms (Order).
    1.2. By placing an Order you agree to the purchase price listed on the Website at the time
    of payment.
    1.3. Payment for the Order may be made via PayPal, Square, Afterpay (Payment Gateway
    Provider). By using these services you agree that you have read and agreed to the
    Payment Gateway Provider’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  2. Product Returns
    2.1. Product returns may be accepted at Udoo’s sole discretion if the Product is returned
    within 30 days of purchase. The Product must be returned unopened and in a saleable
    2.2. Upon accepting the return Udoo will provide a refund on the Product.
    2.3. You agree that you are responsible for payment of any postage costs associated with a
    refund under this clause.
  3. Cancelling an Order
    3.1. An Order or any part of an order may be cancelled by Udoo at any time, including after
    acceptance of the order, if:
    a) the Products are out of stock; or
    b) there is an error in the description or price of the Product; or
    c) there is an issue with the delivery address provided (Udoo will contact you prior
    to cancellation to obtain correct delivery information.); or
    d) delivery to an address is deemed unreasonable by Udoo due to the cost of
    delivery to this address.
    3.2. An Order may be cancelled at any time prior to despatch of the order by contacting Once the Order has been despatched the order can not be
    cancelled and may only be returned in accordance with the Purchase of Products and
    Returns Policy in these Terms and Conditions.
    3.3. Upon cancellation of an Order Udoo will refund the Order value or part thereof equal
    to the cancelled portion.
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