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Bayer Confidor Ready to Use Insecticide 750mL x 5 Pack

Bayer Confidor Ready to Use Insecticide 750mL x 5 Pack

Get rid of garden Pests and Save with Bayer Confidor Ready to Use Insecticide & Aphid spray 5 Pack.

Control garden pests with Bayer Confidor Ready to Use Insecticide provides systematic and contact control of insect pests on flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit trees and vegetables.

Controls a variety of pests including:
  • Aphids
  • Azalea lace bug
  • Greenhouse thrips
  • Hibiscus flower beetle
  • Mealybugs
  • Psyllids
  • Sap-sucking bugs
  • Soft scales

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Confidor Ready to Use Insecticide Label

Bayer Coopex Residual Insecticide 25gm

Coopex Residual Insecticide water dispersible powder is proven in controlling a wide range of insect pests both indoors and outside including ants, fleas, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, moths, spiders, hide beetle and ticks.

Why choose Coopex Residual Insecticide?
  • Provides up to 4 months protection
  • Unique formulation
  • Coopex is exempt from poison scheduling
  • Less hazardous than other commercially available residual insecticide
  • Clean, odourless, non-irritant and non-staining
  • Highly effective on insect pests
  • Low mammalian toxicity and okay to use around pets

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Bayer Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait 125mL

Antmaster is an ultra-low-toxic bait designed to provide highly effective and low risk ant control. Antmaster can be used both Indoors and Outdoor.

Antmaster’s patented liquid formulation can be used to treat a number of problem pest ant species including black house ant, white footed ant and ghost ant. The highly attractive gel ensures ants feed off the bait quickly allowing for complete ant colony control, including the queen.

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Suspend Flexx Insecticide 1 Litre

Suspend Flexx is a new, innovative general insecticide from Bayer containing leading-edge patented Carrier technology.

Scientifically-proven to maximise the active ingredient, this world-first technology allows the active to be more readily available on surfaces and enhances the efficacy and residual effectiveness.

Suspend Flexx can be used both indoors and outdoors to treat a range of pests including Ants, Bedbugs, Bird mites, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Clothes moths, Fleas, Litter Beetle, Mosquitoes and Flies, Silverfish, Spiders, Stored Product Pests, Ticks and Stable Fly.

flea and cockroach control

An Australian First: Tekko Pro Dual Insect Growth Regulator Cockroach and Flea Spray

Control Fleas & Cockroaches with New Tekko Pro IGR for superior long-term Flea and Cockroach Control. Tekko Pro takes DIY pest control to the next level by combining two types of IGR in the one product, giving up to 7 months protection against fleas and cockroaches. Tekko Pro IGR Flea and Cockroach Spray Tekko Pro …

An Australian First: Tekko Pro Dual Insect Growth Regulator Cockroach and Flea Spray Read More »

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Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator Concentrate 250mL

Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator Concentrate Cockroach and Flea Spray

The dual IGR prevents re-infestation of cockroaches and fleas by  disrupting their life cycle, preventing them from developing into adults. Contains a Juvenile Hormone Analog (JHA): 1.3% Pyriproxyfen and a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor (CSI): 1.3% Novaluron.

Why use Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator Concentrate?
  • Low hazard – insect specific
  •  Excellent safety/toxicological profile
  • Targets developing insects
  • Different chemical group from knockdown or residual sprays to help manage/reduce resistance risk
  • Dual active ingredients to target fleas and cockroaches at their most vulnerable stages
  • Long lasting effect – Inhibits re-infestation of fleas for up to seven months
  • Boost residual sprays using Tekko Pro as a tank mix
  • For use on furniture, carpets, kennels
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

While Tekko Pro can be used as a stand-alone spray application it may be used as a tank-mix with a knockdown insecticide. We recommend using Tekko Pro with Coopex Residual Insecticide inside and Webzone outside.

Tekko Pro IGR Label

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bed bug

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Guide About Bed Bugs Inspecting for Bed Bugs Pre-Treatment Measures Treatment About Bed Bugs Bed bugs are wingless, oval-shaped insects that are brown in colour and around 4-5mm in length. Bed bugs are nocturnal and will feed off the blood of a host at night, they prefer feeding off humans but will …

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