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Sumitomo Synergy Pro Granular Ant Bait 200gm

Ants seem to always find a way inside? Get control of ants fast by using Synergy Pro Ant Bait. This unique granular formulation contains two different food granules for broad spectrum control throughout the year and two different actives to target worker and reproductive ants for complete colony control.

Visit the Ant Treatment Page for further information and control strategies.

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Sumitomo WaspJet Pro Aerosol 400gm

WaspJet Pro Aerosol allows you to tackle wasp control with confidence for fast wasp and wasp nest removal. The long distance / high output nozzle ensures that nests can be treated from a safe distance and quickly soaks the nest. The combination of double strength actives and rapid penetration solvents, ensure the wasps are paralysed on contact before dropping to the ground.

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how to get rid of spiders


Spider Treatment Guide About Spiders Inspecting for Spiders Pre-Treatment Measures Treatment About Spiders Australia is home to some of the world’s most poisonous spiders. Spiders in Australia can be put into two main categories- Web spinning spiders such as Redback Spider, Black House Spider and Daddy Long Legs and Ground dwelling spiders including Funnel Web Spider, …

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fire ants

Fire Ant Awareness

What Are Fire Ants? Fire ants are a dangerous invasive species that could spread to large areas of Australia. Fire ants could severely damage the environment, our outdoor lifestyle, and the agriculture and tourism industries. They inflict a painful, fiery sting, which can, in rare cases, cause a severe acute allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). Fire Ants …

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how to get rid of moths


Moth Treatment Guide About Moths Inspecting for Moths Pre-Treatment Measures Treatment Measures About Moths Australia has thousands of varieties of moths, one being the Hercules moth the largest in the world which can have a wing span of 27 cm. The type of pest moth we deal with in Australia are the clothes moth and …

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Ant Treatment Guide About Ants Inspecting for Ants Pre-Treatment Measures Treatment About Ants Ants are the most populous organism on the planet and there are various species in Australia.  There are 2 types of feeders one preferring sugar and the other protein.  Knowing which ants you are dealing with helps with their control.  Use the …

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get rid of cockroaches


Cockroach Treatment Guide About Cockroaches Inspecting for Cockroaches Pre-Treatment Measures Treatment About Cockroaches There are around 4,500 species of cockroach in the world but the 3 main species of cockroach found in Australia are the German cockroach, the Australian cockroach and the American Cockroach. German Cockroach  The German cockroach is mostly found indoors and prefer …

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Wasp Treatment Guide About Wasps Inspecting for Wasps Pre-Treatment Measures Treatment About Wasps There are a variety of Wasp species in Australia, they can sometimes be confused for Bees due to their similar appearance. Wasps are brightly coloured Black & Yellow/Orange flying insects with a slender waste and a nasty stinger that protrudes from their …

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Sumilarv Granular Insect Growth Regulator 250gm

A slow release granular for the control of mosquitoes, midges and drain and latrine flies in non-natural water sources such as potable water tanks, household water containers and other areas that these insects breed. Breaks the breeding cycle.

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