Stop Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Summer

Mosquitoes are attracted to warm, wet and humid climates, meaning that Summer is the peak season for mozzies! These dangerous insects can be harmful to your family, as well as your pets, as they can carry a number of diseases/viruses including heartworm. It is important to protect yourself and identify potential breeding areas in your home or garden,  this will always be around water, for example swimming pools, creeks, salt water, and unattended water containers.

UDOO stocks a number of great products that protect against Mosquitoes, one of these being Webzone Termiticide & Insecticide. Webzone is a termite and insecticide that actually covers a wide range of pests, not just mosquitoes. To treat an area, mix 50-100mL to 10L of water, and spray over the infested area. For a first treatment, or when needing a rapid knock down/maximum residual protection it is recommended to use the higher rate of treatment, and the lower rate of treatment for retreats. 

UDOO also offer a natural alternative to treat mosquito and flying pests – Pyrate Natural Insecticide. Because this product only kills insects on contact, you don’t need to worry about the residual product killing non targets insects, such as bees. Pyrate can be applied using a fogger, making application easy, and can also be sprayed. Depending on what you use to disperse the product you will need to dilute either with oil, for fogging/misting, or water for spraying. 

You can check out our Mosquito Treatment Guide for more information and tips on treating to help you get started!

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