Unwanted Trees Treatment Guide

Unwanted Trees

There may be a number of reasons that you wish to remove a tree from your property, including invasive trees overtaking your garden, limiting light or tree roots disrupting structures in your yard and home such as fences and foundations.

Option 1. Stem Injection

Make a cut at an oblique angle about 5cm deep. Ensure the cut penetrates the bark to the sap steam and that Tuffweed is applied undiluted as soon as possible after  the cut has been made. Cuts should be 13cm apart around the tree below any branching.  Remove or treat branches below the cut. For multi stemmed trees treat each stem as an individual tree.

Option 2. Cut Stump

Dilute Tuffweed 360 with water at the recommended use rate. Cut tree close to the ground and immediately wet the stump surface by swab, spray, splatter gun or brush. Remove any branches on the stump and treat the surface.

Option 3. Foliar Spray

Dilute Tuffweed 360 at the rate specified on the label and spray onto unwanted tree. Ensure all foliage is wet. Use the higher rate for trees 1 to 2 m high.

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