Why use a Thermal Fogger?

When completing large jobs, a thermal fogger is your best friend. Using a garden sprayer for a large job could be likened to using a small paint brush to paint a large wall – it’s time consuming and it’s easier to miss spots if not done slowly and tediously. You will also use significantly less product using a fogger. 

The MS5000 is a type of thermal fogger, meaning it certainly doesn’t lack performance. ​​MS5000 Insect and Mosquito Fogger is a great piece of equipment that allows you to effectively spray large areas, with great coverage. This equipment is sure to improve the efficiency of your job, as well as helping you get the maximum use out of whichever product you are fogging. 

Foggers can also be used to fight mould and bacteria, particularly in this case of use you would want to be using a fogger. Thermal foggers produce clouds of thick visible smoke, so you can clearly see where you are targeting as well as thoroughly permeate the area you are spraying. Whilst a fogger may not be necessary for general spraying jobs, if you are looking for something a bit more effective that will help you make the most of your products and time, then the MS5000 may be for you.

View MS5000 Insect and Mosquito Fogger.

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